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Allift Michielsens N.V.

Allift Michielsens N.V.

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allift Michielsens has been active for almost 35 years as a specialist in the rental, sale and maintenance of aerial work platforms, including self-propelled, truck-mounted and scissor lifts, forklifts and telehandlers.
Working with such machines is not without danger and requires some skill. In 1992, at the request of customers from the petrochemical industry and in collaboration with them, training was started in the safe operation of aerial work platforms. Over the years, the range has been expanded with training courses to work safely with a forklift and telehandler and VCA Basic Safety and VCA Safety for Operational Managers (VOL-VCA).
allift Michielsens has been recognized as an official VCA-BeSaCC training center since 2004 and since 2008 as an official VCA exam centre. In 2018, it obtained the Qfor Platinum quality label – the highest distinction – for both the training and the examination centre.
The team of permanent and experienced employees annually trains thousands of students to the full satisfaction of both employee and employer.
allift Michielsens is also a VCA** certified company and makes safe working an absolute priority. The three pillars of quality, service and safety, together with passionate and enthusiastic employees, form the core of allift Michielsens’ services.




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