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ONE PARTNER – Fire prevention is an extensive theme. We therefore notice that many customers used to have a different partner for each component. One partner takes care of the fire extinguishers, the other the signage, … You quickly lose the overview that way, and it is also time-consuming. With Certeso you have one partner for every aspect of fire safety. Together with our subcontractors, we can offer you a full service from A to Z.

QUALITY – We consider it very important that we meet the obligations imposed by legislation. Thanks to our own developed software, we can work out all your projects in detail and deliver unique quality.

THE REFERENCE IN THE MARKET – Thanks to the many projects that we have been able to carry out since 1998, we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience over the years. Meanwhile, we can not be ignored when it comes to fire safety!

EXPERTISE – The employees who will carry out your projects have a solid knowledge of fire safety and regularly follow extra training. In addition, they each have their own specialization in which they delve deeper. We also have a number of fire experts on board who really know everything about fire safety. Enough in-house knowledge to guide you to a fire-safe company.



Expert fire safety

Certeso grows more and more every year. That is why we are always looking for new employees to strengthen our team. Our mission is to help everyone comply with fire safety legislation in the most efficient way. Your knowledge of fire safety can take us a big step forward in achieving that mission.

Our fire prevention experts advise and guide our customers in the context of fire prevention. The experts visit our customers’ sites and draw up an advisory report in our own software tools (Safety Walk and Reports). Based on this report, the customer is assisted in arriving at a fire-safe company.

At Certeso we have developed our own approach for conducting and monitoring fire risk analyses. As an expert you are jointly responsible for continuously improving these method(s).

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