Expert fire safety

Certeso grows more and more every year. That is why we are always looking for new employees to strengthen our team. Our mission is to help everyone comply with fire safety legislation in the most efficient way. Your knowledge of fire safety can take us a big step forward in achieving that mission. Our fire prevention experts advise and guide our customers in the context of fire prevention. The experts visit our customers' sites and draw up an advisory report in our own software tools (Safety Walk and Reports). Based on this report, the customer is assisted in arriving at a fire-safe company. At Certeso we have developed our own approach for conducting and monitoring fire risk analyses. As an expert you are jointly responsible for continuously improving these method(s).



Job description:
– assisting our customers with specific questions about fire safety (eg compartmentalisation, managing fire prevention files, problems with fire reports, etc.);
– Carrying out site visits to record shortcomings in the field of fire safety;
– Discuss proposals of the measures to be taken with our customers;
– Consultation with involved fire services;
– Based on your advice, the necessary works will be organized internally (eg design and installation of evacuation plans, signage, compartmentalisation, …).

– A thorough and ready knowledge of fire regulations (KB basic standards, KB 28/03/2014 codex well-being at work,…);
– Being able to apply these regulations during site visits at customers (sites and on plan);
– Has knowledge of the different local laws that are in force in the different regions in Belgium and for which activities they apply;
– Always willing to learn by nature and to come to a solution together with colleagues;
– Can ‘educate’ the customers in order to better explain problems;
– Dutch-speaking and/or French-speaking

This is what you can expect from us:
– You will end up in a team with a lot of knowledge about fire safety. Even though you are an expert, you will learn a lot from your colleagues, but also from our customers.
– A remuneration based on the relevant experience
– Company car
– Meal vouchers
– Group insurance
– Participation in CAO90 Bonus
– Flexible and pleasant working environment
– Opportunities to specialize further


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