Ergonomics and social distancing at the office


1. Healthy TELEWORKING is the new normal.
At the start of the lockdown measure, due to the COVID-19 virus, we shared feasible tips for unexpected teleworking. The Group of Ten states in the generic guide that teleworking should be used to the maximum. Now that it has become clear that teleworking will take place for a while (and perhaps partly forever), it is urgent time to make HEALTHY teleworking the NORM in the company. The period of unexpected teleworking is over. Therefore, draw up a supported telework policy.

2. Know your CLASSICS.
When the office environment is adapted to social distancing, the classic ergonomic guidelines remain applicable. Don’t lose sight of them!

3. MOVEMENT in and around the office remains of the greatest importance.
Motivate your co-workers to stand up regularly and to move around from time to time. This is also possible during social distancing.

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