Nos solutions ergonomiques pour lutter contre les TMS

Our ergonomic solutions to combat MSD

Since its creation, Jallatte has placed ERGONOMICS at the centre of its concerns by manufacturing safety footwear that guarantees the protection of Man at work, improves his well-being and preserves his health, by focusing on innovation.



According to the INRS, 48% of employees are affected by at least one postural or articular constraint during their work and 32% of employees are exposed to tiring situations: frequent walking, prolonged standing, repetitive movements at a high rate. These postural and joint constraints contribute to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), which are now the main cause of occupational illness.

Each profession has its own constraints, which is why we have developed anti-fatigue solutions to prevent the risk of MSDs of the lower limbs, which respond to the problems of each work situation.


INFINERGY anti-fatigue technology comes from the world of sports. J-ENERGY safety shoes are designed for workers exposed to tiring work situations:
– Restore more than 55% of the energy accumulated during walking
– Reduce the feeling of fatigue
– Reduce pressure points
– Provide exceptional comfort
– Prevent the risk of RSI of the lower limbs


MAXI-Soft Duo™ is an innovative compensated insole concept designed for prolonged standing positions. It combines both an insole and a comfort layer directly in contact with the sole of the foot. This insole balances the posture and provides a feeling of comfort directly perceived by the user.

Whether you work in a prolonged standing position, walk around your workstation on a daily basis or walk for miles every day, Jallatte offers you ergonomic solutions, adapted to YOUR work situations, to ensure your safety and preserve your health.

Your feet are your foundation, your health is your most precious asset, so take care of it!


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