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Safety is of the utmost importance to EMMA. Foot safety and safe working conditions for our employees, across the whole chain. EMMA stands for and sells safety. That’s why EMMA’s mission is the following:

MISSION: EMMA Safety Footwear develops and manufactures the safest foot protection in a socially responsible way that allows everyone to work comfortably.
This mission is central to our company. In addition, we also look to the future. EMMA has ambitions for growth. EMMA aims to grow in terms of sales, including on international markets, but only in a responsible manner. That’s how we create a real impact, because we only have one planet. The more shoes produced in a sustainable way, the better it is for the environment! That’s why we have also set out a vision:

VISION: EMMA wants to be a leading and pioneering international company in the development and production of the safest foot protection. An organisation that does business in a socially responsible manner, and that directs and controls the circular supply cycle. A unique, committed and proud company with concern for the future and our next generations.


Emma Safety Footwear is exhibiting alongside Fristads Workwear at Worksafe.

Every professional dressed for sustainable performance.

In 1925, Fristads became the first company in Sweden to produce a complete collection of workwear and since then Fristads has always been at the forefront of innovation. In 2022, Fristads launched two brand new Fristads Green collections, the first of their kind in the world. Professionals who need extra visibility at work have never had so many comfortable and sustainable clothes to choose from. This is proof that when it comes to workwear – it is possible to have it all.

Fristads created the Fristads Green High Visibility collection to protect those who need high visibility at work, but with a smaller environmental footprint. From material selection to delivery methods – we analysed every step in the chain and always chose the most sustainable option. The result is a ground-breaking collection of workwear that protects the user while saving the planet as much as possible.




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